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JavaFit Coffee Free Samples No Longer Given Out
Hello, We are Bill & Robin and want to thank you for stopping by our JavaFit Coffee website where you can get a free sample of one of our gourmet healthy coffee blends . If you would like to try a different coffee blend let me know when I call. We hope you enjoy our coffee.
 We would also like you to take a look at the business opportunity that JavaFit offers. Visit to take a tour of the company and the opportunity. Fill out the form with your name and number and you will be redirected to the tour page. There are several videos on the site. The 1st one you see will give you an overview of the company.

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JavaFit Home Business Opportunity

I will show you how to do the business over the internet. No more contacting your family and friends.

JavaFit - We are introducing 2 very exciting new gourmet coffees which both hold unique energy and appetite suppressants.

Diet Plus 62

JavaFitŪ Diet Plus is a high-energy, fat-burning gourmet coffee that helps you stay fit. There is nothing "diet" about the taste of this full bodied gourmet coffee. Brew it like any other gourmet coffee and enjoy its robust aromas, body, flavor and extra boost of caffeine. With JavaFitŪ Diet Plus, you can increase your energy and lose weight, suppress your appetite and exercise longer.

  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Energy Support
  • Exercise Enhancer

Energy Extreme 62

JavaFitŪ Energy Extreme 62 contains a blend of gourmet coffee with four clinically-tested nutrients: garcinia cambogia with HCA or hydroxycitric acid, green tea extract with EGCG, an extra boost of caffeine (62 mg per serving) and niacin. Our proprietary blend stimulates metabolism, increases fat oxidation and enhances exercise performance.

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Energy Support
  • Thermogenic

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